We Get You Ready For LIFT OFF

We specialize in training early-stage entrepreneurs and founders in getting their companies from Launch to Momentum Phase... FAST.

Many founders are ALONE, which blocks them from truly getting the launch pad and firing up their rockets.

The lack of confidence, clarity, resources, guidance, and understanding how to leverage 2023 tools all get in the way.

The BSV Launch Program was built for YOU.

Join Our EXCLUSIVE Incubator

Do you have the desire with all your heart to have your dream or vision become reality? You might be missing these things.

A Playbook

The Rules

The Experience

A Team

These four buckets are exactly what you'll get when you enter LAUNCH.
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Who Should Join The LAUNCH Community?

Launch is built for experienced or inspiring entrepreneurs who have an innovative product or unique idea and are ready to take actionable steps to get their business to momentum phase as FAST as RESOURCES will allow. Launch members are open minded, experienced professionals who enjoy community, relationships, and are tired of being alone.

Each applicant is interviewed and vetted to ensure fit inside the community. Your Local Group will have 8-10 members and we’re limiting the community to 10 new Local Groups across multiple cities. You’ll have access to the entire community through our digital platform and at in-person events and educational workshops.

Time is of the essence, so let’s get started…. Apply today.

Founding CEO of BlackSmith Ventures